All For Sexual Pleasure

All For Sexual Pleasure

Classic, Feature, French

The misadventures of three women in the same apartment block. After being disappointed with a boyfriend who wants her to whip him and having a lesbian fling with a schoolfriend, Joelle finally manages to lose her viriginity with her teacher, Hector, but they are dicovered by her father and she is kicked out of their apartment. Martine is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks pleasure elsewhere, for example with her friend (Dolores Manta and her husband). Martine’s husband finally leaves her. Arlene has various misadventures with men and comes to feel they are only after her money. After being robbed of everything including her clothes by Guy Royer, she is admitted to her apartment by the caretaker who confesses his love for her. But he leaves in disgust when she offers him money. All three end up sitting on the stairs and get invited into the fourth apartment by Martibne’s friend who turns out to be a hostess for group sex parties. They go in and take part in a bored fashion.

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Studio: Alpha France, Blue One

Pornstars: Carole Gire, Dolores Manta, Dominique Aveline, Gilles Kervizic, Guy Royer, Herve Amalou, Jacques Gatteau, Jean-Baptiste Oury, Maryline Guillaume, Rene Douglas, Siegried Cellier

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